6 tips to students

6 tips to students

Six years ago I came to University. Not knowing about life and higher education practically nothing, with no money, no connections parents, I started to explore the world.

What I was missing then? An experienced mentor that would help me find answers to many questions, helping to make important decisions, some authority, which could be equal, the person who has already achieved what I only wanted.

But unfortunately, the destiny has disposed so that to hand such a person was not there. And even parents who should be an example for us, with the necessary experience, couldn’t give me anything to help because they, in General, people are pretty simple and hardly had sufficient experience in the field of University education.

Several years passed, there have been many events made a lot of mistakes. Some of them will never be able to fix it. Achievements, of course, also possible to brag, but we aren’t talking about it.

I would simply like to share your student experience and give some advice to students and prospective students in order that they may not make the same mistakes.

Tip 1. Learn to communicate, always be able to make contact with people

University is an amazing place. Barely in later life you will find yourself in a similar accumulation of the most diverse, varied and interesting young people, gathered in one place. Here you can master the skill of communication to perfection. Looking for the correct “their” people, hold on to them, and learn to respect all others others. Learn to connect with them. This is likely to be a very important skill, which is not just then you will come to the rescue.

Communicate more! Very rarely single people suffering from “autism”, well settled in life. Never forget a simple truth: friends are the easiest to acquire at school and University, but later it will be incomparably more difficult.

Tip 2. Concentrate on the important

Set goals, achieve them, rejoice in their small victories, get pleasure from it. Repeat this process again and again. Learn to keep the attention on the most important training courses on the most important

Affairs at the University. Focus, build plans for the future, but never lose the sense of the present moment. It is currently direct all their strength, all their energy.But please don’t lose the control of everything else.

Tip 3. Not get a job while learning

It is very controversial to many, but no less important advice. Never, never work while studying at the University! Especially full time and permanent job. A full day is likely to ruin your education, and be diligent to contribute to it.

Why? You’re wasting your time. You gain experience? It is not always useful. Unless you are completely sure that you will need in the future?

Just remember that until you put your mind health and in the development of a foreign company (which is someone else’s, your own company is another matter), someone at the same time invested in the development of his personality and intellect. What, in your opinion, the opinion is more of a priority? Think about this question. And if the work will be more important, then try to answer the question, why do you then do need an education…

Tip 4. Learn, learn, learn

Work on yourself, constantly. Just need to constantly improve, to seek new sources of information. To read, write, solve. Don’t be afraid to Express themselves, take part in everything that I find interesting: competitions, contests, competitions, grants, travel… Watch out for these events and find important and interesting.

It is not necessary to feel satisfaction, having learned all the knowledge gained in the classroom. Remember that it is only a necessary minimum. Not every student succeeds, so you need to always be a step ahead of everyone else.

Don’t be afraid that your knowledge will not be use. Sensible, intelligent “heads” are expensive. Never knowledge does not remain “unpunished”, and the labor unrewarded! Do not think that in your case happens any exception to this rule.

And most importantly, make your

“studies did not interfere with education”

Young people are talented by nature, very little, the greater part has to make his way in life is hard everyday work.

Tip 5. Pay attention to your evaluations

All known, perhaps, examples of what some famous person (won’t name them) never finished University, but thrive in this life, achieving sky-high success. But!

First, they are not proud of the fact that universities did not finish, and did not preach this lifestyle. Do they give hiring priority to people without education? No!

Secondly, if you declare yourself a Trinitarian, and you will not worry about your GPA, it is unlikely that this will help you to establish your company and achieve global recognition. Very often young people find it just the cause that will cover their idleness and incompetence in some questions. Really?

How important is academic performance, your GPA? What do you think about this parents and friends? Not an authoritative opinion? Then example: one of the founders of Google believe that nothing better characterizes human intelligence as the average score of their diploma, namely grades in math and English language arts. Other evaluations, in his opinion, reflect a person’s ability to implement this knowledge in all other areas. You need to know about it. Think about it now, because to fix the average score of your diploma you will no longer be possible.

Tip 6. Be epic

Now this phrase is often used to finish a presentation at the conference. For me, its meaning consists of the following components.

  1. Something different from all the others
  2. To be well-known and recognisable
  3. To cause due respect, to earn credibility
  4. To be better at least in something

If 6 years ago, or at least, a little later I found a man who would tell me the now obvious things, I think I would build my training in the University and relationships with people very differently. Most likely, it would change my life now, and in General, I’d be a different person.

Please treat all the above as my personal experience. In no way trying to impose their opinion and do not think it is absolutely correct, but I hope that someone it will be useful and interesting.

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