09 August

23 Tips For Effectivity Studying

You can be very smart and capable of learning person, but this is not enough. If the environment is distracting and presses, most likely, will learn you a lot less than planned, and time to spend a lot. How to learn productively? We have selected for you best advice from Quora users. 1.Prepare to study […]

26 July

9 tips for students on how to deal with c

Well, I realized in November, where got? Sought to a reasonable, good, eternal, and classmates you fools, and professors — boring. Presented spacious classrooms and lecture via Skype from Stanford. And got the General course of history or almost school math in a regular classroom at their desks. The disappointment of the first course is […]

19 July

6 tips to students

6 tips to students Six years ago I came to University. Not knowing about life and higher education practically nothing, with no money, no connections parents, I started to explore the world. What I was missing then? An experienced mentor that would help me find answers to many questions, helping to make important decisions, some […]

12 July

Keeping Kids on Track With Their Homework

As a general rule, kids are supposed to have 10 minutes’ worth of homework per year they are in school. That’s 10 minutes in kindergarten, 30 in second grade and one hour in sixth. But often, it seems as if your child is at the kitchen table for much longer. Why children procrastinate Who doesn’t […]